Van Ballegooijen Foods

As a small country on the world map, the Netherlands has managed to become one of the leading dairy producing countries in the World and is famous for their trading traditions which date back many generations. Dutch dairy and dough products enjoy international fame for their quality, purity and taste.

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Van der Pol

Our Dough, Your Creativity

D. van der Pol en Zonen B.V. is a Dutch, family-run business founded in 1885 and leading supplier in puff pastry and croissant dough in the artisan bakery market in the Netherlands.

The basic dough products of Van der Pol are always made of the purest ingredients and are butter based. The semi-finished dough products make sure the bakers can always use their creativity for outstanding distinctive products.

The focus is to create butter based bakery products by combining great experience with new possibilities in making laminated dough, portioned dough, batter dough and providing
custom-made solutions.

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Royal VIVBuisman

Better Butter Moments

Over the past decades, Royal VIV Buisman has developed into an all-round specialist of milk fat products.

A wide range of milk fat products is produced in a modern factory situated in Zelhem. Dutch dairy products are known worldwide for their great quality and excellent taste. The special equipped repacking factory for foodservice and consumer sized products is located in Wijk en Aalburg. Therefore Royal VIV Buisman can guarantee the quality of their products in any form of packaging, from IBC’s to 3D butter figurines.

‘Better butter moments’ is the focus and customers choose Royal VIV Buisman for her quality, unique products and excellent service.

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