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Van Ballegooijen Foods (VBF) is a food group with two business units: Royal VIVBuisman (RVB) and its sister company Van der Pol (VDP). We are one family connected with each other by butter. Royal VIVBuisman produces butter and milk fat products. Van der Pol uses this butter in its dough products.

Van der Pol, founded in 1885, is being called “butter dough specialist”. The Dutch family-run business focuses on manufacturing butter dough products, using butter from its sister company Royal VIVBuisman. This ensures the recognizable Dutch flavour. Since 1987, Van der Pol may also call “Purveyor to Her Majesty the Queen”, a company that distinguishes itself through quality, solidity and continuity, endorsed by the king.

The dough products range from puff pastry and croissant dough to cookie dough chunks. We save our customers time and money, allowing them to focus on their core business. Whether you are a baker that makes and sells artisanal products or an ice cream producer that adds cookie dough chunks to your ice cream: Van der Pol has the perfect product for you and your business!

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Royal VIVBuisman, founded in 1868, is a family-owned business with its original focus on the production and processing of butter. Today, we have a wealth of experience and history in trading and producing milk fat products. Having achieved our “Royal” denomination in 1968, and most importantly, maintained this status over the years, we pride ourselves in tradition and excellence. Through the years we have built long-term relationships with our partners via strong cooperation and responding to each other’s needs. Thanks to our strong relationships with all our partners, our products are widely appreciated and valued in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Royal VIVBuisman produces a full range of butter and milk fat products. To continue meeting the high market demands, we are dedicated to a customer-oriented approach. Royal VIVBuisman is one of the leading experts in churned butter, texturised butter, concentrated butter, Anhydrous Milk Fat, fractionated milk fat (low, middle and high melting fractions), milk fat preparations and butter blends.

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Sustainability at Van Ballegooijen Foods

We have a long-term perspective on our business and are therefore committed to develop our business sustainably.
Below an overview of our sustainability practices 

In accordance with our commitment to human and labour rights, we maintain a policy dedicated to upholding these principles. Companies, customers, and other stakeholders are welcome to request our human and labour rights policy.

Van Ballegooijen Foods

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Our vision

"The unique taste of butter adds great value to many foods and dishes"

Our mission

"Consumers worldwide enjoying the unique taste experience of our butter"

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